Blurt – This

by Shawn Cannon

Let’s kick off my first sports post with a bit of history.  Why am I a Braves fan?  Some would

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by Shawn Cannon

Hello to all of the Blurt-This readers and friends.  My name is Shawn Cannon, aka rolltidega on Twitter. I will

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HPE Culture Shift
by Luigi Danakos

Over the last two years HPE has been on a transformation, it has been restructured and what was once a

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by Luigi Danakos

Social Media is a tumultuousness place. You hear so much about the drama and bad that comes from it. What

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Forcepoint User and Entity Behavior Analytics
by Luigi Danakos

Today I want to focus on the study of User Behavior Analytics and how companies like ForcePoint are developing solutions

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