April 3rd, 2017 by NerdBlurt

This week’s guest is Ariel Sanchez, recorded live from the VTUG Winter Warmer. Ariel is a Costa Rican native who has a man crush on Tom Brady. This crush isn’t the type our wives may have on Brady; however, it is more his work ethic and drive that Ariel respects him for. Like our two other guests the vBrownbag is represented yet again on Tech Stand UP, sorry guys we are not renaming this the vBrownbag podcast.

Ariel has his own way, the Ariel Way much like our beloved Patriots. Ariels passion to share what he learns and give back not only the knowledge he learns but his time. Not only is he part of running a VMware User Group and the vBrownbags, Ariel contributes many hours on his multiple blogs. As well he focuses on being a mentor to other Latin community members.

Have a listen as Ariel and I discuss getting involved in the community, and more importantly as he said it best “Don’t be afraid”.

Show Notes

Twitter – Get involved and meet and interact with people

Tom Brady man crush

Community Commitment and giving back

New England Patriots


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March 24th, 2017 by NerdBlurt

This week our guest is Jorge Torres a technology junkie with latin roots. While we share a passion for technology we also share a love for the New England Patriots. While attending the VTUG Winter Warmer the Tech Stand UP crew caught up with Jorge to discuss and answer some questions on Blogging.

Jorge just started his blog Kolkes.Com, where he plans on diving deep into virtualization and sharing with the world. As we know getting advice from people who have been blogging for years, definitely helps! That is exactly what we talk about in this weeks episode.

We walk through the journey of getting inspired by the content he consumed. This passion and desire to give back is what drove Jorge to start his blog. Being an engineer on a daily basis, he enjoyed learning from others but realized that by him creating the content he was able to remember the content.


A major trend is for new bloggers to  have a senior or respected member of the community to turn too. Ariel Sanchez is that person for Jorge, with Ariel’s Latin community give back through the vBrownbag, gave him a rapport which turned into a trusted friendship and mentor.


This has me thinking, what inspires you?

Show Notes

Jorge’s first time appearing as a guest on a podcast

Discuss how he was inspired by the community blogs and presentations

Talk about different blog platforms available and where to start

Mentor – having someone in the community take you under their wing and provide guidance and accountability

Creating content that others have created is ok, as this allows for you to retain the information

Using blogs as a self repository on how you fixed a problem.



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June 7th, 2011 by NerdBlurt

Like many today I recieved the dredded your Session(s) were not selected email. AHHH!! Whocares! at least that’s how I’m taking it.  There are plenty of Rockstars out there who didn’t get accepted, instead of giving up I challange you to still share that information with the community.

Plenty of great advice has been giving on ways to get your content out there. I will give some options which I feel is a great way to contribute great content to the community!

But here’s the thing you have to still create a presentation in order for this to work!

Contact your local VMUG (VMware User Group)

Don’t know if you have a VMUG near you? Easy check myvmug.org for one. If not there hop onto the VMware Community Forums . This is a great way to build presentation skills and allow you to network with others using VMware products.  Great advice from Brian Gracely & Kendrick Coleman where this came from.

BrownBag on ProfessionalVMware.com

Now this is a great option as well for people as it’s all done over the interwebs. Truly being “Virtual” Cody Bunch does an excellent job here and is debating on a seperate way to get these sessions involved. Cody is a good friend of mine and an even better community member for all you VMware users. He devotes alot of time into the BrownBags.

Write some Blog posts

Now you might say you don’t have a Blog, or time to set one up. No worries people I’ve already offered to have people blog on here! I have a descent following and it would be great to have some different perspectives on NerdBlurt. (selfish I know ;))

Honestly create a blog, ask a friend to write on theirs, write one on here, what matters is that you are sharing information with the community. You may not know it but if you are sharing you are helping somebody some where.

Some sites to also Share resources

Papershare.com (in Beta)

VMunderworld.com (What is this? Read my next post!!)

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