Tech Stand UP Ep 4 Secrets Exposed
May 10th, 2017 by NerdBlurt

Secrets everyone has them, and this week’s guests are no different. I am joined by three guests this week; Rebecca Fitzhugh, Mike Burkhart & Herb.

This is the fourth and final recorded live at the VTUG Winter Warmer event podcast, and it is a fitting one to say the least.

Tech Stand UP Ep 4 Secrets ExposedMy original plan was to talk with Rebecca on becoming a newly minted female VCDX, for those that are unaware the VCDX is a tedious process to obtain filled with multiple certification exams followed up with an architecture design and defended against by a live panel. It is a huge accomplished in the VMware space, while to me personally I don’t see gender , however woman do have to go against unbiased or sometimes biased views in the world. So, seeing a smart lady not caring and continuing to go for what she wants and be a role model for other women is inspiring. I have two daughters, I want them to be inspired by other females to do great things.

Well, the recording went different, as Mike and Herb joined and the four of us had some awesome banter. That is why I record these to capture different conversations from all areas and view points.

Notice past the banter is the underlying story of how these three guests became friends; helping each other through some tough times, just laughing. It makes you think of how relationships are formed, relating back to episode one of Tech Stand UP.

It also is a testament to the virtualization community pulling together, the VCDX program has a great community support  system. Both were undeterred by failing the panel defense.

Many  do not like talking about is failing; while we all know people fail , many choose to not say anything. We focus so much on success despite there having been many failed attempts.

So give it a listen, and what secrets are you holding?


Show Notes


Community pulling together

VCDX Groupies

Did you know that Rebecca was a female?

How not giving up and to keep trying

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August 17th, 2016 by NerdBlurt

What was once VMTurbo is now turbonomic. The company has decided to shift focus away from the VM and focus more on the turbo in it’s name that is! I feel this is a great way to be agile like the customers are around you. Businesses today are not just focused on “VM” anymore there are more layers and technology coming into play. I am fortunate to be involved in blogger briefings from the company over the last few years.


turbonomicIt is all in a name right? Would Taco Bell be Taco Bell if its name was something different? I think if you take a look to back in the day when they use to ring a dinner bell and peoples love of tacos this was great brand strategy by Taco Bell. turbonomic took a slightly different approach but yet similar, by morphing “Turbo Speed, “automatic control” and “Economic Principles” and forming turbonomic. Not only did they incorporate what their customers are facing today, they implemented the concept and thinking of making the management of your environment as autonomic as your heart beat.

Understand that they do a little more then that, the green circle in the logo represents the green circle community. turbonomic has always been a great supporter of the community with it’s participation in vBlogs, bloggers, user groups and virtual design master, etc so to have a piece of that represented in the logo is awesome.


Nerd’s Blurt

This is a bold statement and great transition period for companies like turbonomic, to be established then try and shake things up can be rewarding but also have it’s troubles. I am hoping for the best for the turbonomic team while they start this new adventure. If you check their twitter stream you can see it has given some fun spirits to the employees. They are keeping the community, it’s users, employees excited. In my opinion that is what a company should want to do. While I hope they do not change the name again nor does this work for all companies, but turbonomic hit the nail on the head with this move in my book.

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July 25th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

Today I learned that my Brother in-law’s` nephew John and  a fellow community member (different people) passed away, in  very unfortunate accidents. Now I have only met James “Darth” Ruddy a couple of times through the years. However some of my close friends were coworkers and very close to him. My good friend Fred Nix said it best as another community member was also involved in that same accident but survived.


This song is for you all, I have loved this song since I was a small boy.

The Dance – Garth Brooks from BlueHighways TV (BHTV) on Vimeo.

Nerd’s Blurt

Whenever we lose someone we know or love it is sad. But don’t focus on the loss of that person but all the life and great times you had with them. I will be sending my family and friends affected by these unfortunate Deaths some #nerdblurtmojo and may they find some peace and comfort in the time they shared with these young men taken way to early. I think Ruddy displayed a love of life even down to one of his last tweets  

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May 21st, 2014 by NerdBlurt

firehose        My first couple of months at HP have been exciting, fueled with more knowledge then one can ever consume. It is like drinking water from a Battalion of NYPD  Fire Stations hoses. I am very excited to be learning about the full capabilities of HP Data Protector offerings and where it is visioned to go. More importanly, my coworkers are just awesome. Stephen Spellicy is in the top spots of bosses for me. We all have had a bad boss, Stephen is one who would kick that boss around. He believes in each of his team members and let’s them be who they are. Not asking them to conform to a set way, especially today is huge. He genuinely cares for not only the company but your own personal goals. This is huge for me seeing how I do things differently then most, knowing my boss believes in letting me be me and loves me wanting to learn more is AWESOME!


What Have I been up to

I can write a lot about how awesome my boss is, but that is only a subset of what I have bee doing.  When I talk with my friends I can’t help but show the joy and passion I have for my job. Where else can you get to play with a lot of technology and get to share that information with others? I love, love, love it! passport

Over the last couple of months I have help build out a few labs in which we will run various configurations and test numerous scenarios with-in our HP Data Protection portfolio. I get to play with VMware, Microsoft whenever I want. I am also networking with many other organizations. Many of you know I love meeting people and making great contacts both personally and professionally. I also have some insight into getting us more involved with the community. That alone is something I love, but having a team understand you are a social person and not getting limited is a win for me. I have traveled to Europe finally!! Getting my first stamp in my passport was exciting.

I am also starting a regular blogger call/ briefing, I don’t forget my roots and establishing a great relationship with Bloggers is key for me.  Along with being active on Twitter and in the community attending events.

Tweet Chat

I am participating in my 1st Tweet Chat from a vendor side.  HP holds a #BackupChat so get involved and ask some questions, answer questions. (May 22nd at 2pm EST)


I attended TechEd 2014 and performed my 1st ever vendor booth duty. This was a huge change for me as I normally don’t set a schedule at conferences, but I enjoyed getting to know the other members from various HP teams.

Philly VMUG – Speaking is something I love to do, I jumped at the chance to do this at the Philly VMUG. I realize some, ok a lot of areas I need to work on but hey if we aren’t trying to improve what are we doing? It was a great experience and a wonderful event.

SAP Sapphire – I am going to be attending SAP Sapphire in Orlando

HP Discover – This will be my 1st HP Discover and I will be manning a demo station in the software booth. My goal will be to become presenter at future events.

Boston VMUG – Schedule permitting I will be attending this.

PVD VMUG – Schedule permitting I will be attending this.

VTUG Summer Slam – I will be attending this

Nerd’s Blurt

If you can’t tell I am really excited for my new adventure. The amount of technical information I have exposure to is AWESOME! I will be writing more blogs in the coming weeks.

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April 1st, 2014 by NerdBlurt
In the next installment in our  Six Questions on various Community Influencer programs we talked with Jane Rimmer from Hiviz-Marketing. Jane is currently working with PernixData, she is no stranger to the community being an intricate part of the London VMUG.
Six Questions
Hey Luigi.  Got your answers for you, compiled by the PernixPro program owners at PernixData – Frank Denneman and Jeff Aaron.  Hope this helps, will look out for the publication and thanks for engaging with me on this!
1.     Why did Pernix choose to start the program?
We wanted to create an exclusive community of respected virtualization experts who are interested in being part of the next big thing in storage.  Through the PernixPro program, these individuals assist PernixData in building a world class product, foster the adoption of new technology, and expand an already robust virtualization community into new areas of exploration and dialogue.

 2. What is the purpose behind the PernixPro™ program?

PernixPros have early access to beta product, which enables them to give feedback to our product management and engineering teams. This feedback is critical to our goal of building world-class solutions, so having a formal program to facilitate this was a main driver for creating the PernixPro program. In addition to the above, PernixPros are passionate about our technology and welcome the opportunity to influence and improve our products.  This passion is contagious, and something we wanted to channel through a formal PernixPro program.

 3. What makes this program special?

It is a very exclusive group.  We only accept community leaders with a proven track record using social media to express opinions and engage peers in meaningful dialogue.  Once accepted, these individuals have exclusive access to PernixData people and resources, including early releases of software.


4. What is the process for becoming an Pernix Pros?  

Applicants can submit any time here:  Every 6 months we review the list and accept a new round of PernixPros.  At the time of review, we also look at the previous 6 months social media activity to ensure existing members are living up to program expectations.

 5. What are some of the benefits?

  • Early access to software
  • NFR licenses
  • Online forum to interact with other PernixPros and PernixData technical staff
  • Regular newsletter and webinars
  • Exclusive PernixPro apparel and other giveaways for program participation

 6. What tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming Pernix Pro?

It is a simple 2 part recipe.  1.  Be a leader who is not afraid to express your opinions.  2.  Show your enthusiasm for PernixData in social media.

Nerd’s Blurt

PernixData is a fairly new company, with some interesting technology. They realized quickly that there is power with a great community.

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