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January 22nd, 2017 by NerdBlurt

The other day while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, a nice quote popped up from Social Media Examiner by Sue B Zimmerman “Social Media is not for selling, it’s for building trust.”

Social Media Qoute


The discussion

A small exchange then ensued (Screen capture 1) in the comments and one that I couldn’t Agree to disagree on.

Screen capture 1

As you can see (Screen capture 2) user scottayres says “Selling is part of, if not all of social media. It’s marketing after all. I came back and responded that “social media isn’t marketing…”

Screen capture 2

I then responded (Screen capture 3)  ” while we broadcast on the social platforms our wares to where users are gathering, social media is not marketing.”

Screen capture 3

Scottayres responded ” Yes it is! Everything your business publishes is marketing. Everything.”


Nerd’s Blurt

Now this is where the discussion can be had that everything a business publishes is in fact as scottayres says marketing. However, this is where I disagree in the terms of social media being marketing.

Social media is exactly what it states, social the “media” aspect can be anything from; user groups, online forums, usenets, twitter, facebook, linkedin, xing, the yet to be developed medium where we interact.

As marketers we bring the discussion of our wares to where the users are, tv commercials, billboards, banner adds, spread in paper, creating video on youtube. That is us bringing the message of our business to the users.

But is Social media really marketing?


Let’s look at this a little bit, if as an organization all you do is broadcast your message, you aren’t really being social you are being noisy. It is a personal belief of mine that you have to be genuine, and by being genuine you will gain trust. The trust you have built up will lead to more visibility and ultimately more sales.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below

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May 24th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

Few months back I was talking with Chris Harney from the VTUG. He said it would be a great idea if I did a webcast similar to the #vBrownbag but for social media stuff. I wasn’t even off the phone and was emailing my good pal cody Bunch of Professional VMware and creator of  the #vBrownbags on the idea. The positive response from the team working on the #vBrownbags has been great. Now this is separate from Cody & team’s webcasts, they are acting as advisors and allowing me to utilize there webcast system. Which I can not thank them enough for doing that for me.

Yesterday it was solidified that I will officially be launching in June.

BlurtCast- Community Engagement, Social Media Tips & Tricks for engaging with Communities


What to expect

Anything! After all it is going to be a webcast on ways to better engage with the community.    The schedule will be bi-weekly. Time hasn’t been determined yet but it is close to be finalized.

Where to find

Simple you can find all BlurtCast information on this blog the official home to BlurtCast, All recordings will be posted here and on iTunes, along with Vimeo and Youtube channels.

Check out the BlurtCast page


I Luigi aka NerdBlurt will be the primary Host & presenter, however I intend on getting as many guest presenters on as possible.

Nerd’s Blurt

This is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and share some techniques. This isn’t just geared for the newbie, but for everyone. If you want to see a topic covered send us an email or Tweet us using the #BlurtCast hashtag

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