May 14th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

Yesterday was the final day of EMC World 2010, you could feel the difference in the atmosphere. I chose to relax and converse with fellow bloggers in the Bloggers Lounge. There were some topics which really caught my attention, Converged Data Center: FCoE, iSCSI, and the Future of Storage Networking, CLARiiON CX4 Hardware Overview, Introduction to EMC VPLEX, NAS Meets SAN: An Introduction to Celerra Unified Storage, FCoE – Topologies, Protocol, and Limitation, took a practice exam for EMC  Proven Professional Exam & the keynotes sessions, during the conference.

I found the instructors were well prepared for their sessions, they were very professional and took the time to answer questions. I recall in 1 session while during the Q&A portion everyone having to leave as the room was needed for another session, the instructor said come on out in the hallway and we can finish our discussion. He could have easily made an excuse and cut the answer session short but he hadn’t. That little gesture means alot!

Bloggers Lounge “Blounge”

Now this was the most happening of spots. Len Devanna, Jamie Pappas & Thom Lytle  are excellent hostess/Hosts. They made a relaxing environment for us bloggers. But the biggest buzz was the espresso machine!


But what would a conference be with out meeting new people and I met alot of great people from all over the world. One thing I enjoy is people watching which is different then “checking” out the girls. Have you ever just stop to watch how people react while interacting with others? Just stop and observe and you will see some truly genuine moments. The time an individual takes to answer questions no matter how small or simple is nice. Here’s an example of 1 how small the world can be, 2. Just plain awesomeness.

Brian Boyd comes to me and says”I won a HD Flip cam!” from Studio E, Just earlier he was saying how great that would be to win one since he didn’t have it. While he was there a gentleman from Germany had won a TV they were giving away, Unfourtuneatly that particular TV was compatible for German electricity as they use 240v. So they picked another winner and worked something out with the original winner. About 20 minutes after hearing this I met up with Bas Raayman in the lobby of the Westin Hotel to goto the Bean Town Bash. Sitting with Bas was 2 gentleman from Germany, and wouldn’t you know that the guy that had won the TV from Studio E was sitting directly across from me. Now that just shows 1. The world is a small place, 2. Pure awesomeness!

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May 12th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

I was having a discussion W/ Don Wake & Thomas Jones in the Bloggers Lounge and said” I’m going to wear a white t-shirt and mark my Twitter Id on the back, bring a pen & let people sign there Twitter Id’s on it. The three of us were laughing as it really is a fun concept. Later that night while preparing for the next day I said “a marker might look kind of cheesy”, so I ventured out to Walmart and bought the cheapest Iron kits they had. Once I was home I simply printed the lettering out and ironed it on. Now I also had made one to surprise Mr. Jones with. Now I didn’t think he would actually wear the shirt but see it as a novelty gag. Well I was wrong and he shocked me again and put it on right then & there. So now the experiment begins. I proceeded to the Bloggers Lounge to type some notes. Mr. Chuck Hollis was sitting there and chuckled some when seeing the shirt, success! That’s the whole point to have fun so I was excited it was so far working. I asked Mr. Hollis if he would sign my shirt later as he was very busy. As the day progressed I started asking people I was talking to if they wanted to sign my shirt. Now ask yourself could you ask a VP of Employment & Branding to sign your shirt? I did!

Mrs. Polly Pearson from EMC was gracious enough to sign my shirt. I had a bunch of others that I have networked on there too. As I was going through the booths some people didn’t have Twitter Id’s so I said just sign it w/anything but please don’t dot your I’s! I was able to attend a party thrown by Emulex in Boston.  I had taken my shirt off prior thinking that Mr. Jones was going to change out of his, again I was wrong! Right there he was wearing his shirt and loving it!!  The next day I continued to wear it and I got a lot of signatures! People reacted unexpectedly, like “you really want me to sign your shirt?” I reply “yup, it’s all for fun”. Some were kind of honored that I had asked them. Now remember I said Mr. Hollis was possibly going to sign it?


Now not that Mrs. Pearson or Mr. Hollis are more important then anybody that signed my shirt because to me everyone that signed it was having fun and that is what means the most!

But what impresses me is that both Mrs. Pearson & Mr. Hollis are well respected in their respective fields. And so far that is close to the Top of my SWEETNESS list of things that happened at EMC World!!

For those wondering I have close to 75 signatures/twitter id’s!!

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May 11th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

I had the great pleasure meeting Thomas Jones from Emulex. Now when we met I hadn’t really asked him exactly what him or his company did. I then recieved a message to make sure to check the Emulex booth out and enter their raffle. I did so because who doesn’t like free Swag? Honestly I just went & entered for the raffle and got to spin a wheel. I won a security lock carabiner, I was hoping for the foam sword!
After attending Stuart Miniman‘s session Converged Data Center: FCoE, iSCSI, and the Future of Storage Networking. I really enjoyed the topic and found myself wanting to learn more. Now conferences get busy and I put my questions on the back burner to ask Mr. Miniman later.

While back in the Blogger’s Lounge, I was chatting with Mr. Jones. I asked him what his company did. I was completely SHOCKED when he said that one of the things Emulex did was make Network cards that supported FCoE. We then chatted briefly on that which I’ll discuss in a later post.

I said to Mr. Jones that I was shocked his company didn’t do some kind of security thing. I mentioned to him that I came to the conclusion based on how their booth was set up. I mean there was a Lady dressed liking a Viking warrior, swords, giving away security locks and such. I know all that stuff was related to security but was surprised to find out differently.

What would you all have thought?

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May 10th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

I have to give Len Devanna and everyone that helped him put together such a nice place together for us Bloggers! THANKS!!

I have been able to solidify some connections with some new people like Thomas Jones from Emulex who kindly was answering my FCoE questions. Which will be included in my post from Stuart Miniman’s session.

So far the day has been great. I have some future posts coming up in regards to some sessions I attended. I am however going to wait until I have access to the slides from the presentations so I can ensure accurate information.

Today is more for going through the Solutions Pavilion where I check out the sponsors and various vendors here along with the key note sessions.

I did get to meet Mr. Tucci!! I’m still excited about that!

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May 10th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

There I was sitting in the Westin Hotel next to EMC World having a pre-drink & some wings while waiting for registration to open up. A gentleman walks in “Luigi? I’m Charles Hood (@charleshood” he then proceeds to mention that he saw I had tweeted I was there waiting and he wanted to stop in to say hello. Mr. Hood and myself had a nice chat over a coke then he had to leave as he was still setting stuff up. Shortly after Stuart Miniman (@stu) popped into the City Bar to say hello. Now both gentleman were very busy with preperations for the event I was about to attend and they stopped down for a minute to say hello. That small gesture was genuine and really helped loosen my nerves towards the conference. Thanks Charles & Stu!

I was sitting in Jeremy Burton’s opening talk and was thinking I wonder if Bas Raayman (@basraayman) was in the building yet. I have had a  few discussions w/Mr. Raayman and have really wanted to meet him. After a short tweet conversation we met up. Again Mr. Raayman amazed me by asking if I wanted to join him in the VIP section since he had an extra bracelet. Seriously I was floored! I’ve never met him prior to this and he knows many people here and he asked me, I was truly honored. While with Mr. Raayman I got to meet some new people Thomas Jones (niketown588), Counting Crows, David Hurst (@the_super_dave), Charles Hood , Len Devanna (@LenDevanna).

Finally I met  Gina Minks (@gminks), Devang (@storagenerve), Steve Foskett (@sfoskett), Chris Kuesk (@cxi), John Troyer (@jtroyer), Polly Pearson (@pollypearson), Brian Boyd (@SANGeek), Simon Long (@kiwi_si), Christine Leblanc (@c_weil), Ed Sai (@edsai), Matt Davis (@techmute), Mark Browne(@MaBroIRL).

Now I might have met some more so please forgive me if I didn’t mention you yet.

As I met and disucssed with these great minds I noticed something one of the very 1st questions asked after names exchanged “Are you following me?” , along with numerous people adding the person being spoken with. I have had many contact with all the above via twitter and it help make this first night a great night. I have already achieved 1/2 my goal solidify connections. I’m new to this and not 1 person I have met has treated me like a “Noob”.

So I ask “Are you following me?” No? my twitter id is @ldanakos find me and say hello or tweet your location I’ll meet up with anyone!(just not in a dark alley in the early hours of the morning)

I have included Twitter Id’s (@persons name) next to each persons name feel free to follow them!!

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