July 24th, 2018 by Shawn Cannon

My first pro football post is going to center around Julio Jones.  I have been a Julio fan since watching him snag passes for Alabama.  His business like manner on the field is second to none.  He always appeared to be humble and happy to be an Atlanta Falcon.  I am beginning to think I have been duped by Julio. Maybe he is not as humble as I thought.  Julio has decided to hold out of training camp this week as he wants to restructure his contract.  Don’t get me wrong, I know football is a business and I firmly believe Julio should be paid to match the current going rate for the best receivers in the league.  The issue for me is that Julio still has 3 years left on his 5-year $71 million contract. I feel like you are under contract to get out there, report to training camp and get ready for the upcoming season.  If I signed a contract for a job, lets say it is a 3 year contract.  I complete one year and decide I am not going to work until I get more money. Odds are that company will say I am under a breach of contract and dismiss me.  This is the issue with pro sports today.  An elite player gets their feelings hurt when someone (or multiple someones) signs a new contract making way more than him.  He says no way, I am the best player, I deserve that money too.  Maybe you do, but honor the contract you have now, suck it up and report to training camp.  Get out there, be a team player and let your agent handle things with the team. Show the team you are still part of the team and not all about yourself.

Like I said, I have no problem with Julio getting paid more money as I do believe he is the best receiver in the league today. I just have an issue with the way he is handling it. It is a ME mentality and not a WE mentality. I know some of you have had issues with players on your favorite team doing similar stuff.  Also don’t forget this is my opinion and I welcome yours.

C’mon Julio, let’s suck it up and report to camp!

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