December 18th, 2014 by JFrappier

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

Howdy everyone.  A conversation on Twitter popped up the other day before I took the year off (clearly I’m doing well at that) about starting a podcast focused on the SMB space. To help put that together, I was hoping you would take a few seconds to answer this short 10 question survey so we can get an idea of where the SMB is today.

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far, and thank you for for all those taking the time now!

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New SMB tech focused podcast – we need your help!

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February 6th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

Hello everyone,

I am writing this to see if you could all help me help my daughter and her 4th grade class. It is very easy to participate and if you could talk to colleagues in other States that be great!

The 4th Grade United States Postcard Race

Rules: The object of the game is for each class to acquire ONE postcard from ALL 50 states in the United States before the other classes.

Help fill the map

This is where you all come in.

How you can Help

  • Get a postcard from your where you live
  • Mail it to my daughter in her class ( i will provide this information for those that want to participate)
  • Write 3 pieces of information about your state on the postcard ( remember 4th graders are reading these)
  • All information should be written on the postcard
  • All postcards MUST be postmarked from your state

Postcard help

Nerd’s Blurt

This is such a wonderful idea! I am hoping to help my daughters class win with your help. We are such a diverse group from all over the world. I would love if you all could help, and if anyone from overseas wants to send them too I think that be awesome! (I know they just looking for the states, but how cool would it be to get one from another country!)

Please just send me an email if you would like to participate and i will get you the mailing information.

[bigContact form=on]

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September 9th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

I had the great pleasure while attending VMworld to meet Paul Valentino and Tim Oudin. Paul and I had a great conversation about a program he has been thinking of starting. I fully support and will help in anyway with getting this initiative up and running. You can find the details on Paul’s blog VMworld vCommunity Educational Trust Fund

So please help spread the word and let’s get this going, we might help a future CEO out.

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