November 30th, 2014 by JFrappier

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

With my vRealize Automation / vCloud Automation Center lab mostly working, I did want to recognize a few things we missed that you might like to investigate further on your own.

First, if you look back you’ll notice we did not do anything specifically with vCenter Orchestrator.  Like vSphere templates, you can publish vCO workflows as catalog items to perform advanced or no routine tasks.  For example maybe you are an organization that makes heave use of vApps in vSphere and want to continue that.  vRA has no concept of vApps but using vCenter Orchestrator I could publish a workflow that will create the vApp and create virtual machines inside the vApp.  Additionally I could tie vCO into other infrastructure such as Active Directory or my storage layer using EMC ViPR for example.

We did not work with any of the advanced networking solutions such as VMware NSX or vCloud Networking and Security.  Consider the need for an isolated multi-virtual machine development environment, I could deploy an NSX edge device and places all of the virtual machines behind the edge device and provide access to the application to a specific set of users or other network segments.  Also missed in these posts were adding additional endpoints to connect to services such as vCloud Air or EC2 – things that could enable you to build a “hybrid” cloud

The last item I will cover here is charge back using vRealize Business (formerly IT Business Management Suite).  With vRB…no sorry not doing it – with ITBM you can get much more granular in cost tracking and turn that data into charge back to other groups or show back to justify your IT budget (remember IT people – you job is not to make money, its to support the business).

Thank you for following along with my vCAC / vRA posts, I hope you found them useful!

Whats missing from my vRealize Automation lab

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May 5th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

I get asked by my friends and family not in the tech business what is EMC World & why am I so excited to attend.

EMC World was just a thought but I was fortunate to win a registration into this conference from EMC Symmetrix group via a Twitter contest. Not that I wouldn’t attend but for my personal situation trying to explain to Maura why I want to spend $2k+ on a week long conference and not a family vacation wouldn’t fly to well.  So starting Sunday May 9th 2010 I will be experiencing this “Superbowl of Storage” as stated by Stuart Miniman of EMC.

What is EMC World?

 EMC answer: I checked and clicked into the overview page.

EMC World is the ultimate educational forum for all EMC customers and partners.

Learn how to put private cloud computing in action from EMC engineers, customers, and partners. Participate in 500+ breakout sessions, technology updates, keynotes, lectures, live demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and birds-of-a-feather sessions.

Challenge your expertise with tutorials, business tracks, technical training, and developer sessions ranging from novice to expert.

Explore integrated solutions with exhibitors in the Solutions Pavilion.

Connect with your peers at fun and informative networking events.

What is EMC World to me?

 My perception of EMC World is a place where I can solidify connections that I have made in the “Virtual world” & to learn on subjects that interest me.

I’m just getting started into the whole storage front and have ALOT to learn but it fascinates me so much.

My posts covering EMC World  are going to be based off exactly what I am, a new comer to the Storage Industry and a 1st time EMC World Attendee.


All my posts on this blog for EMC World will be tagged w/ EMCWorld2010 on my blog and #emcworld from @ldanakos on twitter.

I plan on tweeting live from sessions and then recording some key points for blog posts later. Also to use in discussion once EMC World is done with on the ECN – EMC Community Network discussion forum found at

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