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So the other day I was cursing how I don’t like typing much and I need to find a descent talk to text program for this. I know about Dragon by Nuance, but I am cheap and don’t like spending money when i don’t have to. So I put this on my software wish list and will eventually budget for it.

So there I was searching for something in Microsoft word and came across a feature I wasn’t aware of. Dictation.


Last year I got a MacBook Air and I’m new to MAC OS where I was mainly a Microsoft guy. I am still learning the MAC.


I have Word installed on my computer and can only speak about this version

Microsoft Word Mac 2011



So as you can see I am running Microsoft word for MAC 2011 version 14.1.0

If you goto the Edit menu you will see the option to start Dictation. Alternately you can just press fn fn. (it also works in the Internet while I’m writing this blog.)

Now you will see a small microphone pop up.

Dictate option


So once this is opened up, simply just start talking. Once you are finished saying something then hit enter or click on done.

Your talked text will be there.

Now please understand this isn’t perfect. I find myself having to go back and type some stuff as it doesn’t catch everything perfectly. And you also have to have internet connection for it to work.

Nerd’s Blurt

I really was hoping that I would be able to use this without having to pay for a different option but clearly it is not going to be the case. I will most likely do a review of whatever software I get on here.

My biggest downfall was the online only ability. I like being offline to write stuff up. I know hard to believe right, but it’s nice. I do still do a lot of writing with a pen and paper. But maybe this dictate option will work for you. I also haven’t done any more research on the full functionality and if it is standard in mac computers.

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December 11th, 2012 by NerdBlurt

I have been fortunate to have an extra VMware Fusion 5 license code which would give someone a fully licensed version of Version 5.

I like contests and winning stuff, but what I love more is sharing information with you all. Whether it be on this blog or via Twitter. I love to share.

So what exactly is VMware Fusion?

VMware Fusion

 The desktop virtualization client designed for the MAC operating system. It is currently at version 5.x

What VMware Fusion allows you to do is simply run operating systems other then MAC operating system.

As an example I am writing this blog post from with-in a virtual machine because I enjoy using Live Writer for offline blog writing.

VMware Fusion 5

As you can see from the picture above I have a windows machine running on my MAC. It is shown as a separate desktop because I have it in Full Screen display mode.

VMware Fusion 5 official page

How to win

Simply Subscribe to our email subscription for a chance to win! We will choose one lucky winner at random on Feb. 15th 2013.[subscribe2]


Now this is where I started to get creative, should I do a picture or comment style contest? Well what about a Twitter contest? Then it struck me while Mike Melo was driving me to the airport.

I will open submissions to the contest from Dec 13th 2012 – January 31st 2013.  All you have to do is submit a word document to me covering VMware Fusion. I will then post the submissions as a blog post and include a voting button.

Now all written credit will be given to the author and I will not edit the submissions but I do reserve the right to with-hold any submissions at NerdBlurt staffs discretion.

Who can submit? Anyone

Can I submit from another country? Absolutely

Nerd’s Blurt

I love user generated content. I love winning stuff, who doesn’t? I also believe in sharing information about products that I use. I use Fusion on a  daily basis and know someone out there would like it as well or to be able to upgrade from Fusion 4.  The contest is simple you just have to write something about VMware Fusion. Some examples can be a simple how-to guide, or more advanced ways to change setting, a personal review of the VMware Fusion trial.


Edit- Contact me at  ldanakos(at)nerd

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