Tech Stand Up Podcast
February 16th, 2017 by NerdBlurt

Tech Stand UP Podcast is an initiative I have been debating for at least the last year; I’ve wanted to record a podcast and have a couple concepts in the works. The name Tech Stand UP came to me from a concept I had thought of. I tend to just do things and I started grabbing domains up for this initiative. However, I did nothing with it. The concept was to record 2-5 minute videos talking about Latest Tech news, gadgets or just anything related to technology. I don’t expect nor want to be a stand-up comedian, but I want to understand my body language better, and excel at public speaking. What better way than doing a stand-up routine!

What is your Podcast about?

Tech Stand Up Podcast

The Tech Stand UP podcast is about, wait for it, whatever I want! The real purpose behind the podcast is to gain experience and to stop not doing and doing! I have these ideas and it’s time to act on them. Whether they succeed or fail, I just got to try and do the thing.  The first episode drops tomorrow!

I reserve the right to make the videos still, and if I were a betting man I would watch this space or our YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

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September 30th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

The time has come for the first BlurtCast!! Please join me and other community members to feel more comfortable presenting! If you missed my last post, be sure to read it and send a presentation for us to use! You can choose to help mentor those wanting improvements. Chris Colotti is planning on helping mentor us during some BlurtCasts, so can you!

What is BlurtCast?

BlurtCast is the thought I had of taking Toastmasters and introducing it to Pechakucha (20×20) and thrown in with some virtual love of the interwebs technology. Attendees of BlurtCast will present 15-20 slides of a presentation, while the other attendees take notes to help the presenter to better themselves. It’s not about content or being right with information, it’s about perfecting the feeling of comfort while presenting to a crowd. To help each other one slide at a time.


How is it going to work?

Really wonderful question. In honesty, I’m not 100% on the flow but the concept is pretty simple. I will start a Google On Air Hangout (these are recorded by Google and published to YouTube) I will invite people that either

  • Fill out form below
  • Tweet or DM me @nerdblurt include #blurtcast and your gmail address. By doing this you agree to be added to the BlurtCast Invite Circle

Once there is a minimum of 2 people I will begin the broadcast (live portion people can watch, comment etc)

I will then pull up a presentation (this is where community donating presentations helps!) The first person selected to present selects on my name or whoever is going to control the presentation. This will make it so the person presenting can read the presentation. (this is work in progress remember that, it might change some as we go)

Then they start having 15-20 slide presentation and you can spend only 20 seconds per slide.

You MUST have a webcam!! This is to help us feel more comfortable speaking in front of people.

We provide feedback and some tips to work on after each presentation.

Now note here that you DO NOT need to be in the technology industry so please spread the word!

I plan on doing BlurtCast on the 1st Tuesday of every Month (was going to do Mondays but that cuts into Monday night football) If demand is there I will increase it to bi-weekly. I can also do an earlier one if the demand from EMEA area generates such.


I want to participate form


Every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Starting 7th October 2014 9pm EST length is at least an hour but could go longer or shorter depending upon number of people who join the BlurtCast.

Will be view able on Google+ page live and on YouTube Channel afterwards, as well as a blog post recapping the BlurtCast afterwards.

Nerd’s Blurt

I am really excited for this, not only because I am hoping to have a lot of fun with it but for me to grow. I know others in the community are interested in the same thing. To better oneself is to better the community. We are going to do that one slide at a time. Also please note if you are preparing for VCDX defense I would gladly let you present to get comfortable with your presentation to a group. I would not record that presentation as we don’t want judges getting wind prior to your defense.

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September 4th, 2014 by NerdBlurt


BlurtCast was originally started awhile ago for social media webinar topics. I didn’t give it a lot of time to gain any traction and let it fall down on the priority list. The new focus on BlurtCast 2.0 is pretty simple, to help me and others be better presenters. To conquer the little challenges of presenting who better to practice with then your peers or friends.

Now I have been to ToastMasters meetings in the past and loved it, but I also love the PechaKucha presentations or otherwise known as 20 x 20. I will attend a Pechakucha night yet! They host one in Providence area which isn’t to far from me.

I was out at VMworld talking with Jonathan Frappier about this, now he has heard me talk about this for at least 6 months now, the original thought was for group of people to join an open hangout which is recorded and broadcast live via On Air Hangouts then saved to a YouTube channel. Whoever is present selects a presenter and then we screenshare a desktop and go to slidshare and select a random presentation. Then presenter presents the deck. Jonathan said a good thing if we are focused on Tech presentations why not use just tech ones. Now this is where the community comes into play and the ……


Help us improve and send us presentations! Pretty simple and straightforward! Email me ldanakos at them

  • How long do they need to be? Any size really, but presenters are only going to do a max of 20 slides whether there is more to present or not
  • What topics? ANY!
  • Do they need to be complete presentations? No!! just between 15-20 slides
  • Content must be something that can be shared with the world, don’t care if they are old decks or something you just finished, or are working on.
  • No the decks will not be shared with anyone besides myself (NerdBlurt, and guests on show)
  • Age on decks does not matter either, we all have something laying around so put it to use!

Also note that this is also for us to have some fun and laughs through out the whole process, to help ease the stress of speaking.

Nerd’s Blurt

I will do a separate post on the first BlurtCast and how you can join in and participate. I’m really excited to be doing this as I want to be a better presenter. I know others want to be better presenters

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