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Let it begin

As many know we are attending various webinars being held by HP who is sponsoring this contest. I have to say it is definitely taking me outside the box in thinking and I LOVE IT!

HP like many are getting into the IT As A Service (IAAS) Solution game, or the “make your own cloud” game. With Virtualization booming in the data center, technology companies like HP need to stay fresh or get crumbled up and fed to the pigeons in the park.

Webinar 1- Converged Storage

Hp rockstars Lee Johns and Dale Degen did an astounding job hosting the stellar Blogger crew. I will definelty give HP credit for thinking outside the box with this great opportunity.

Q. What is HP’s converged storage?

  • A) Converged Storage his a piece of  the HP Converged Infrastructure.
  •  Current Infrastructure designs have all the components separate. This causes for more Data-center Real estate, which relates to more Cost for power and cooling all that equipment. Not to mention the cost in time spent physically working on the equipment.
  • With HP’s Convereged infrastructure you can now cut down the amount of data center real estate you occupy thus lowering your power & cooling costs.
  • By simplifying the infrastructure manamgemt you save valuable labor hours that could be utilized elsewhere as the admins don’t have to login to to multiple systems.
  • The use of HP Converged Storage Software makes it easy to mange and deploy physical or virtual storage.

Instant-On Enterprise

This is HP’s IT As A Service Solution as I mentioned briefly above. What this does is takes the components Converged Storage,­ Servers, Networking and HPCSS (HP Converged Storage Software) and allows you to become a robust IT servicing machine. You have everything that you need to supply your end users with the best service possible.

Converged Storage

Converged storage helps bridge the gap between the boundaries of Servers, networks & storage.  These systems can scale-out with your business as it grows. That is accomplished by the use of HP Converged Storage Software.

The Reality Part

Well many know that this is part of a Bloggers Reality Contest. So be nice enjoy the video as I take you into the inner workings of a blogger writing a post. Please understand this is my very 1st time doing video! I am definitely out of my comfort zone here but find it very valuable for me to grow.

Nerd’s Blurt 

HP has made some significant strides in the Enterprise arena. Having converged infrastructure in their arsenal now keeps them in the game.  This also allows for customers to expand slowly as their needs shift and grow. Saving money will help top executives choose a product, having a product that saves money on not just power and cooling but is flexible & can scale out  is a great asset.

I like that HP is utilizing their acquisitions and not just shelving them. I do have some other questions and comments I’d like to explore in future posts. The upcoming webinars will allow for some of this but I am excited to be learning so much and that I can share it all with you bit by bit.

Please all this is a contest and I need your votes! Click the thumbs up so I can get some points!! Leave a comment about the video, critique me please!! the more comments the better, good, bad whatever!!
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