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In the next installment in our  Six Questions on various Community Influencer programs we talked with Jane Rimmer from Hiviz-Marketing. Jane is currently working with PernixData, she is no stranger to the community being an intricate part of the London VMUG.
Six Questions
Hey Luigi.  Got your answers for you, compiled by the PernixPro program owners at PernixData – Frank Denneman and Jeff Aaron.  Hope this helps, will look out for the publication and thanks for engaging with me on this!
1.     Why did Pernix choose to start the program?
We wanted to create an exclusive community of respected virtualization experts who are interested in being part of the next big thing in storage.  Through the PernixPro program, these individuals assist PernixData in building a world class product, foster the adoption of new technology, and expand an already robust virtualization community into new areas of exploration and dialogue.

 2. What is the purpose behind the PernixPro™ program?

PernixPros have early access to beta product, which enables them to give feedback to our product management and engineering teams. This feedback is critical to our goal of building world-class solutions, so having a formal program to facilitate this was a main driver for creating the PernixPro program. In addition to the above, PernixPros are passionate about our technology and welcome the opportunity to influence and improve our products.  This passion is contagious, and something we wanted to channel through a formal PernixPro program.

 3. What makes this program special?

It is a very exclusive group.  We only accept community leaders with a proven track record using social media to express opinions and engage peers in meaningful dialogue.  Once accepted, these individuals have exclusive access to PernixData people and resources, including early releases of software.


4. What is the process for becoming an Pernix Pros?  

Applicants can submit any time here: http://info.pernixdata.com/pernixpro  Every 6 months we review the list and accept a new round of PernixPros.  At the time of review, we also look at the previous 6 months social media activity to ensure existing members are living up to program expectations.

 5. What are some of the benefits?

  • Early access to software
  • NFR licenses
  • Online forum to interact with other PernixPros and PernixData technical staff
  • Regular newsletter and webinars
  • Exclusive PernixPro apparel and other giveaways for program participation

 6. What tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming Pernix Pro?

It is a simple 2 part recipe.  1.  Be a leader who is not afraid to express your opinions.  2.  Show your enthusiasm for PernixData in social media.

Nerd’s Blurt

PernixData is a fairly new company, with some interesting technology. They realized quickly that there is power with a great community.

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February 18th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

In the latest of our Six Question Series posts we will be going over the Microsoft Technical Communities (MSTC) program.

For this article we sent our questions over to Anne Michels who is a  Tech Evangelists / Community Manager over at Microsoft.

MSTC - Microsoft Technical Community

Six Questions

1. Why did Microsoft choose to start the program?

There are hundreds of user groups worldwide whose members share a common interest in products, services and technologies by Microsoft and other companies. These user groups regularly organize events for their members or have websites that foster the active exchange among the visitors of the site such as forums or a discussion board. We love the fact that user groups gather in their free time to teach other people about our technologies. We love their passion, their energy and that they want to get engaged with us. To support them with their community engagement, that is exactly the aim of the Microsoft Technical Communities (MSTC) program.


2. What is the purpose behind the Microsoft Technical Communities (MSTC) program?

MSTC helps community leaders and speakers grow the technical passion and capacity of local communities worldwide by supporting community efforts with technical content, speakers and a wide range of value-added assets. Through this program, members connect and collaborate with each other, find and connect with speakers, benefit from great offers like event advertising and free eBooks, access high value technical content and attend TechTrax Train-the-Trainer live webcasts.


3. What makes this program special?

It’s free. It connects community leaders and speakers worldwide. It lets them network and share best practices among each other as well as with Microsoft employees. It supports them with their community engagement in a variety of ways. And there are no responsibilities for the members. After signing up, they can decide themselves how many resources they want to use and which level of engagement they want to seek.


4. What is the process for becoming an MSTC member?

Community leaders and speakers can sign up for the program at www.technicalcommunity.com. In order to join, you do need a Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID). For detailed information on who is eligible to join the program please take a look at the MSTC FAQs.


5. What are some of the benefits?

Main benefits for the members are:

Offers: MSTC members cannot only download one free eBook per quarter for themselves, but they can also request an eBook voucher once a month to raffle off at their user group meetings. Also available to community leaders is a free 1-year Office 365 subscription to help collaboration within their user group.
In addition, MSTC helps them to promote their events with Event Advertising. MSTC will place ads ($100 value each) on Facebook or LinkedIn to help boost attendance at their meetings. Lastly, MSTC is working with TechNet and MSDN to promote their events on their sites! All they need to do is submit their event in MSTC!

Content – MSTC members can access technical TechTrax webcasts on community topics as well as Train-the-Trainer sessions, presented and recorded by top technical experts from Microsoft. Best part is, this material is available for them to download to use at their events (e.g. power points with speaker notes, demo scripts).

Speaker & Leader Connection – Members can find the right event speakers, connect with other community leaders, and contact local Microsoft representatives via the speaker search and MSTC Yammer network.


6. What tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming a MSTC member?

If you are a user group leader or a speaker, simply go to www.technicalcommunity.com and sign up for the program!

Nerd’s Blurt

This program could be a great resource for people looking for people to speak at events. I am registered in the community as a blogger and love the Technical Resource section. Playing around the site Community leaders will like the Speakers section as it lists all the speakers and their area of expertise.

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February 11th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

Continuing on with our Six Question Series, today we are going to look at the networking world and Cisco’s community  program the Cisco Champions.

We sent our questions over to Amy Lewis Influence Marketing for Data Center Virtualization at Cisco Systems

Here are my six questions, very simple and straight forward, but can give someone a starting point to becoming a Cisco Champion

cisco_champions BADGE_200x200


Six Questions

Amy Lewis’s response below

1. Why did Cisco choose to start the program?
To formalize and extend our relationship with the technical community.
2. What is the purpose behind the Cisco Champion program?
 Education and amplification. Our goal with the Cisco Champions is to connect interested technologists with experts and information. We want to hear candid feedback and amplify their voices.
3. What makes this program special?
Cisco Champions is special because of the variety of opportunities we are building–blogger briefings, meetups, podcast, videos, etc. We are learning as we go, from each other. I think that give and take makes the program pretty special.
4. What is the process for becoming an Cisco Champion?
For Cisco Champions for Data Center, we run a nomination process in October–you can nominate yourself or be nominated. For the broader corporate program, it’s a rolling admission cycle while we build the program. They contact the potential Cisco Champion and evaluate their body of work and footprint in the community.
5. What are some of the benefits?
The benefits are great access to Cisco experts and information, and more of a voice in the community on hot topics of interest. And of course shirts.
6. What tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming Champion?
Participate, be interested, and raise your hand. Our job is to make heroes of the brave, be brave!
You can find out more on the Cisco Champions
Nerd’s Blurt
This is a good opportunity for those involved in the Cisco Community to gain valuable insights and exposure.

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