September 30th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

The time has come for the first BlurtCast!! Please join me and other community members to feel more comfortable presenting! If you missed my last post, be sure to read it and send a presentation for us to use! You can choose to help mentor those wanting improvements. Chris Colotti is planning on helping mentor us during some BlurtCasts, so can you!

What is BlurtCast?

BlurtCast is the thought I had of taking Toastmasters and introducing it to Pechakucha (20×20) and thrown in with some virtual love of the interwebs technology. Attendees of BlurtCast will present 15-20 slides of a presentation, while the other attendees take notes to help the presenter to better themselves. It’s not about content or being right with information, it’s about perfecting the feeling of comfort while presenting to a crowd. To help each other one slide at a time.


How is it going to work?

Really wonderful question. In honesty, I’m not 100% on the flow but the concept is pretty simple. I will start a Google On Air Hangout (these are recorded by Google and published to YouTube) I will invite people that either

  • Fill out form below
  • Tweet or DM me @nerdblurt include #blurtcast and your gmail address. By doing this you agree to be added to the BlurtCast Invite Circle

Once there is a minimum of 2 people I will begin the broadcast (live portion people can watch, comment etc)

I will then pull up a presentation (this is where community donating presentations helps!) The first person selected to present selects on my name or whoever is going to control the presentation. This will make it so the person presenting can read the presentation. (this is work in progress remember that, it might change some as we go)

Then they start having 15-20 slide presentation and you can spend only 20 seconds per slide.

You MUST have a webcam!! This is to help us feel more comfortable speaking in front of people.

We provide feedback and some tips to work on after each presentation.

Now note here that you DO NOT need to be in the technology industry so please spread the word!

I plan on doing BlurtCast on the 1st Tuesday of every Month (was going to do Mondays but that cuts into Monday night football) If demand is there I will increase it to bi-weekly. I can also do an earlier one if the demand from EMEA area generates such.


I want to participate form


Every 1st Tuesday of the month.

Starting 7th October 2014 9pm EST length is at least an hour but could go longer or shorter depending upon number of people who join the BlurtCast.

Will be view able on Google+ page live and on YouTube Channel afterwards, as well as a blog post recapping the BlurtCast afterwards.

Nerd’s Blurt

I am really excited for this, not only because I am hoping to have a lot of fun with it but for me to grow. I know others in the community are interested in the same thing. To better oneself is to better the community. We are going to do that one slide at a time. Also please note if you are preparing for VCDX defense I would gladly let you present to get comfortable with your presentation to a group. I would not record that presentation as we don’t want judges getting wind prior to your defense.

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February 21st, 2014 by NerdBlurt

It has been a long journey on the social road, many paths have crossed and intertwined like the roads on the highways we drive. You never know where a new road could end up taking you.

That is my journey with social, the new connections made and life experiences i’ve had because of this blog and my social interactions have been most excellent! I’ve traveled for big name companies like EMC, Dell and HP all because of my blog and social interactions. It was truly a humbling experience and great time. With all things in life change is inevitable, we can either stay path in which we are on or fork off onto another path. Last year I started my own path with Blurt Media Group, I have learned so much during the time working on it. But I have come to a fork in the road and have decided to give my lives journey some different experiences.

I have accepted to join Stephen Spellicy and the HP team as a Technical Marketing Manager. This is a great opportunity for me to be part of a great team and to bring something different and passionate aboard.

I must thank the folks over at Dell for being great to me and for the chance to partake in the Dell TechCenter Rockstar program, it was truly an honor. To EMC where I started my social journey and have witnessed so much growth of some great friends, the birth of the EMC Elect program which I was honored to have been chosen for 2014.

I can no longer participate in those programs because of my joining HP, and that’s ok as we all need to grow and try new things. This also means more iPads for everyone else at conferences 🙂

To HP thank you for your support and believing in me over the last few years, I look forward to working with all of you as team mates.


Social Matters

I honestly will say one of the coolest part for me is the journey in which the opportunity came about to me, the real power of social. I was messaged by my good friend Matthew Brender about the position that Spellicy tweeted out there. Matt said Luigi I think you would be great in this role and should go for it. Think he knew that the Mrs. was pushing me to look to working for someone versus trying to build my own company. So I reached out to Spellicy. Matt then enlisted another good friend of mine Jonathan Frappier to help encourage me to do it.  From this post you know that I did apply and got the job.

You have to realize that how you are in the social world can have a great impact on your real world life. Had I not met Spellicy or Brender from social ways I may not have this great opportunity in front of me. This can goto you as well, building great relationships matter.

What about Blurt Media Group

That is a great question, Blurt Media Group will still be there. I have turned the reigns over to two people that I have full trust in. Mike Melo who is my brother inlaw and Jonathan Frappier. They both know my vision for the company, I will have zero part in the choices made with-in it.  They are very capable of handling it and I look forward to seeing the journey in which it takes. Jonathan has been my right hand, from the beginning and will do great things in the future.

Nerd’s Blurt

I am really excited about the opportunity in which I will be partaking in. I will have some adjustment s to make, but am so ready for what lies ahead.  I will still be writing on here, and will have some more HP content, but I am still a lover of technology and all around awesome guy.

As the title states I will add a disclaimer to the site letting people know that any views on this site is on my own and not on behalf of my employer HP.


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January 15th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

Today EMC announces their 2014 EMC Elect members. I am honored to have been selected for the 2014 Elect.

I have been apart of this group in different ways from hearing of it’s inception and watching it through it’s first year of life, all from the outside. Now I am in the group and look forward to seeing this program shape up.

The Elect are either self nominated or nominated by someone else, once nominations are closed their is a peer judge panel made up of Elect members who evaluate each candidate. Then the peer judges select the Elect members for that year.

You can read the official announcement here

Elect2014-webNerd’s Blurt
This is a great opportunity for me and this blog, it allows access to more resources which will allow me to write more on various topics. This also means that I now belong to three communities in their community advocacy recognition programs.


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August 27th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

So I am an ambitious person and I try to do as much by myself as I can. Themore you do not have to rely on others the better. Don’t get me wrong I love working with others and as part of a team. What I mean is I have a million ideas at any given point and a lot of energy. I average 4hrs of sleep a night.

My dilemma is I need some stuff coded and no budget to outsource my concepts. While I am aware of the added value in having something developed in matter of days or months over few months. For this particular project I am so eager to make it happen I am starting it myself. I am a n00b when it comes to programming but I can understand the code and how it works. This isn’t my 1st time with programming either, I hobby programmed some back in 2002 and had a class couple semesters ago. I made a lottery program to select powerball numbers (reasons I don’t care for slot machines). There are a million resources online and who knows where to start.

learn to program google


As you can see there are over 2 million results for term “learn to program”. Where do you start? What language do you learn? C+, C++, Scala, Java, the list goes on. I had to narrow it down and want something more then a WSWYG type (for record I would and have used one). So I follow Sir Richard Branson on twitter and had favorited one of his tweets

Branson Tweet Code.orgSo I actually stumbled upon this while looking for a different tweet I thought I favorited.

Think it was ment for me to stumble upon this at this exact moment when I am trying to find resources to program what I need.

Their main vision is to bring computer science to all schools and kids. It is backed by a lot of power house names in the industry and surprising some athletes. Even I forget that athletes are people and aren’t just into sports.

Our goals include:

  • Bringing Computer Science classes to every K-12 school in the United States, especially in urban and rural neighborhoods.
  • Demonstrating the successful use of online curriculum in public school classrooms
  • Changing policies in all 50 states to categorize C.S. as part of the math/science “core” curriculum
  • Harnessing the collective power of the tech community to celebrate and grow C.S. education worldwide, to change culture, especially among women and minorities

Coding, teach, learn

You have the option of a few different learning ventures here

I chose Code Academy

The main interface is pretty simple and straight forward.


You can see right off that it’s clean and simple. They suggest you start with web fundamentals. Which if you never programed it’s a great starting point as you can start to understand the concepts from web development (where I got my 1st look at coding).

I chose the PHP track as i want to make something in php and have some experience already with it.

The learning section is again straightforward and easy to understand.


Just go through the lessons and you will be coding in no time.

This is as far as I got as I wanted to share this with you all and help spread the word.

Nerd’s Blurt

I love, love, love this idea and website and the concept behind it. If you want to do something with your kids have them go here. I plan on doing this with my kids (know my son will love it). If you are a developer and want to give back contact them and say I want to help give back and help influence the future.

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August 13th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

I am going to focus primarily  on only one user group in the technology industry as their are numerous groups out there. The Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG) is a hyper visor agnostic user group. However it wasn’t always this way, a couple years ago it was primarily focused on VMware technology and called the New England VMware User Group (NEVMUG).

Like the industry the VTUG has evolved over the years. Users are no longer just using one type of virtualization technology. There are multiple options for users so why not have a user group reflecting the industry. This is the premise behind the VTUG. Where else can you talk with peers about Microsoft, OpenStack, KVM, Citrix, and VMware?

I’m going to tell you all about a journey, this is my own journey and experiences over the last 3 years with the User Group VTUG.


It’s a brisk fall day in 2009 where the leaves were turning brown and the air was crisp. I’m sitting at home contemplating my next steps as I just finished a contract with EMC.  I was fresh to learning more about Enterprise IT and Data Storage, prior to working at EMC, I was only exposed to desktop support and knew of servers but never touched a server before. Being very savvy around technology is easy, trouble I ran into was having enough systems to work on and research how things worked or how certain changes affected them. Someone suggested I use virtualization. I was dumb founded as to what virtualization was, having never heard of it before. I quickly found Virtual Box and installed it. I had a couple systems up and running soon after install. I loved it, I could have multiple systems running and not affect my own system.

I forget who it was exactly that suggested to me to  try VMware Workstation, toting the benefits over Virtual Box to me. So I did what any newbie would do, I went to the Googles and found myself a cracked version of VMware Workstation 6 (Please note that I do not condone piracy and do not recommend anyone use those means to obtain software)

So with my new virtualization software installed I was off to the races, I started playing around with it more and more. Thriving to learn more everyday about Virtualization. Then came the email that probably has single handedly changed my life.

It Read something like this “Want to learn more about VMware? Join your peers at the New England User Group January 20th at Gillette Stadium” I wasn’t working and wanted to improve my skills to make myself more marketable and figured what do I have to lose.

As I pulled up to Gillette that day I never realized until sitting here writing this how much my life changed that day. I was in awe of the total experience, I recall Chris Harney running around and even saying hello and giving me a smile that day. Mind you I had no idea who he was at the time or how he would inspire my business today. It wasn’t just Chris that had made me feel welcome it was everyone I talked to, I didn’t know anyone there and at the time not to many of them were on Twitter. I found out about the Summer Slam up in Maine which was held every year and was told it is a must attend event. I learned so much that day it made me want to learn even more bout VMware. More importantly I was accepted into a very special community that day, one in which I still think  is tops in all industries.

Year Later

Fast forward to January 2011, by now I have been a member for exactly one year. I was fortunate to attend VMworld 2010 (better known in the community as the conference Blurt Struck Gold by winning two iPads.) I upgraded from Workstation to experimenting with vSphere (legally). I was sitting at a table with some other Social Media junkies chatting and Chris walked by and I stopped him and said ” We noticed that there isn’t much chatter on Twitter about the NEVMUG, you need to focus on that some more.” He looked at us and said “so which one of you is going to do that?” Everyone at the table pointed right to me, and thus the NEVMUG (now NE_VTUG) twitter handle was born and how I came to run the Social Media efforts for the VTUG.

It was around this very time where the group was changing from just  VMware focused to multi hypervisor focused. The users were asking if they could talk about Citrix or Hyper-V.


It has been three years since I joined the user group and I am very active with the leadership, they provide me guidance outside the group and actually gave me encouragement to start Blurt Media Group. I have met so many great people during the events over the last 3 years. What I like the most is the willingness to expand and evolve with the industry and it’s members are facing on a day to day front.

VTUG is expanding to other regions to, this solidifies that users want more. I am excited to be able to be apart of something that is shaping up to be an epic user group globally. (please note currently there are only Stateside chapters, but who doesn’t want world domination)

VTUG leadership took a chance and so far it looks like they got luck on their side but I say it was more a vision of them knowing that the technology landscape was evolving and their group needed to as well.

Nerd’s Blurt

I think you will see more good things to come from the VTUG, and as the industry changes so will the group. What I like is that the user is number one to the VTUG. Not only am I a member but I am utilized for my specialties to promote a community in which I believe in. Now I am going to disclose that this post is my own, I started out going to do a generalization piece on how user groups have evolved but felt telling my own story was much better.

Check out I look forward to seeing you at a meeting one day.

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