September 18th, 2014 by NerdBlurt

I have been around the virtualization community for a number of years. Until my role at HP, I haven’t had many real world use cases for my learning. I would just install vSphere and then start loading VM’s onto it. I was plagued by having to restart my virtual machine’s automatically. I checked the virtual machine settings to no end. ¬†After some digging around I found the right way to configure and prioritize the start-up process.

Please enjoy the Video and alternately I listed the steps with some images.


How-To Enable Auto Start of virtual Machine on ESXi

You can watch this quick video here



Listed Steps

Open vSphere web interface

vcenter dash

Click on vCenter

Click on Hosts

Right Click the Host you are configuring

vSphere Esxi Host Right Click menu

Click on Settings

Click on VM Startup/Shutdown

vsphere startup selection

Click on Edit

vSphere VM Start Settings

Ensure Automatically start and stop the virtual machines with the system is selected

Modify the delay settings to your liking

  • Select virtual machine and use the blue arrows to move into either the Any order or Automatic Startup
    • Note the difference is that Any Order will just reboot any system, while Auto start has a priority order to start over any other system.
  • Click ok

Nerd’s Blurt

At work I am doing more quick demo videos, I am going to be doing more of them on here as well. The topics will be different and length of video depends on what is being shown. If you would like to see a tutorial on something please leave a comment and I can see what I can do. I am trying to practice my video skills and presenting if you missed my post on BlurtCast. My goal is to one day Author a course or two for Plural Sight ūüôā

Hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed creating this for you all.

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September 27th, 2010 by NerdBlurt

I have thought of this many times “What am I exactly as a blogger?”

It is a very good question to ask yourself as a blogger or even a journalist for newspapers. To answer that question I had to look at where I am today.


I’m a student learning and trying to break into the Data Storage Virtualization world. Some could argue that I have done a descent job with this. (I am working on a post with my social networking¬†strategy)

So at 1st thought I was like I’m a technical blogger because I¬†predominantly¬†discuss technology. I quickly scratched that style as I’m not giving a lot of numbers or specs. Now someday I might given the right exposure some postings can be more technical.

So what are you then?

Stop and read what you are writing, read your 1st few posts and then look at your last few posts. Notice a shift in style? Are you stating something? Giving help by writing a tutorial, expressing your opinion on a topic, are you engaging with your target audience?

Well let’s 1st look at some of the possibles:

Writing tutorials– I call this the informational sharing style- By this your intended audience and goal is to help others learn a particular task(s).

Stating information– By this I mean like a vendor blogger where it’s more Facts and Specs. Often referred to as marketing fluff.

Technical writers-for me fall between the above two possibilities making it a hybrid. Yes you are mainly focused on the pure facts but you must incorporate some marketing fluff and how to writings at times.

So upon some self reflection I can see the possibilities of doing all 3 of the above styles but are they really me?

So My hybrid style is a

Conversationalist blogger

I take a little bit from each¬†category¬†on topics that I find of interest and want to engage with others. What I say may not agree with everyone and I love it! I encourage the discussion it’s how we learn. I love talking with people and sometimes things are over my head but I admit and gladly say I don’t know it all but am pretty certain I might no somebody who knows it or someone who does.

So what style blogger do you consider yourself and why? Good thing here is I want to here your own explanations as to why you are the style you say.

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