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**Note that this post was not paid for, reviewed by or in any other way altered by Veeam.  The opinions in this post are my own.  Veeam is a sponsor of virtxpert.com**

In a previous post, I covered the installation of VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) as I search for a good monitoring solution.  Since vCOPS and Veeam ONE come in both a free and paid version, I figured this would be a good comparison to vCOPS.  There a few requirements you can do to prepare for the install, or allow the install to configure these for you during the installation.

  • You will need a service account for Veeam ONE
  • The Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable package
  • IIS with several components (see screenshot below)
  • If you are using an external SQL database, the connection information for that database
  • An account to connect to vCenter

You can download either Veeam ONE or Veeam ONE Free at http://www.veeam.com/downloads/.  It will download as an ISO which you can mount to your VM or extract the contents.  Once the CD mounts you will get the main spash screen.


  • Click on Veeam ONE Server, if its not already installed, it will prompt you to install the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable.  If you needed it, you will have to reboot here.
  • Restart the installer after the reboot and click Next
  • Accept the license agreement and click Next
  • Select the license key, or chose to install the FREE version.  Here I will enter my trial key and click Next
  • Chose Typical or Advanced, Advanced allows you to chose whether to install the server and web GUI components, click Next
  • The Veeam ONE setup will check for other application requirements, specifically IIS and its required components.  If the status is failed, you can click the “install” button here to install these components.


  • Once the missing items are installed, you can click the Next button, which was not available in the previous screenshot.
  • Select the installation directory and click Next
  • Chose your SQL instance, either an existing instance or a new instance installed by Veeam, here I will use a new local instance of SQL.  Click Next
  • Enter the website ports, or as I’d suggest keep the defaults and click Next
  • Chose what type of infrastructure you are connecting to, either vCenter or Hyper-V (or skip until later).  Here I will select VMware vCenter Server
  • Enter the account to connect to vCenter, I’d suggest a dedicated account and click Next
  • If you are using Veeam Backup and Replication, or Veeam Enterprise manager, enter those credentials or click Configure connection settings later and click Next, then install
  • Here, the installation will proceed with the options you entered.  If you were using Veeam to install SQL Express, the install will take a few extra minutes.
  • The installation will require you to log off (presumably because of how they do authentication) click yes to log off now, or no to do it later, I’d suggest doing it later so you can edit the Veeam ONE local groups and add users.

The installation created several local groups on the machine Veeam was installed on, Veeam ONE Administrators, Veeam ONE Dashboards and Veeam ONE Users, so that you can provide access to the application.  Assuming you installed as an administrator, you will probably want to add other users or groups so they can install and run the Veeam ONE Monitor Client.  Once added, now log off and log back in.

Now that you’re back, you have 3 icons on your desktop – Veeam ONE Business View, Veeam ONE Monitor and Veeam ONE Reporter.  Launch Veeam ONE Monitor, make sure the application is launched as an account that was added to the Veeam One Users group.  Here you can configure SMTP and SNMP notifications if you choose.  Once done, you are dropped into the dashboard and can start navigating through you vSphere infrastructure to see any errors. One interesting item, compared to vCOPS; vCOPS found and alerted on a datastore that was almost full.  Veeam ONE reports all datastores as okay – there is about 60GB free but just goes to show a difference in interpretation between different products.  The Veeam ONE Business View is available as a website, so this can given out without the need to install the client.


Summary The installation of Veeam one was much easier than vCOPS, I felt there was a bit of fight in the vCOPS config but nothing outrageous.  The Veeam ONE interface is also very streamlined and, like vCOPS, I can drill down into specific areas of the infrastructure to see problems or error messages.  I do like the real time monitoring charts, for example I can see the MBps or write I/O for a particular datastore.  There are a few things missing in my opinion, I would prefer Veeam ONE was using a web interface rather than needing a client and add support for NFS datastores (I can’t see datastore IO for NFS).  However, overall feel like this can be a useful tool, and slightly easier to use than vCOPS.

Installing Veeam ONE Server

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July 9th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

TrainSignal is a technology training company offering training from Microsoft to VMware. I have known about this company since I got into Virtualization back in 2010, they are very supportive of the community sponsoring many User Group initiatives. Back in 2011 I received a copy of some training from them while I was attending school. This helped me out a lot during that semester. At the time they were offereing DVD training materials.

Let’s fast forward to today, TrainSignal now offers it’s entire training collection online and in a subscription based model.

TrainSignal Training Home Page


As a vExpert 2013 this year TrainSignal was gracious to give the vExperts a subscription for a year, I asked Emilie from TrainSignal if I could give my subscription away to someone in the community. She came back with a 1year subscription to one lucky winner! See what I mean about the company giving back to the community. More on this later in the post.


The website is easy to navigate, and to filter out video trainings.

Upon logging in you are brought to the dashboard

TrainSignal Training Dashboard


As you can see in the image above, it is easy to navigate through. You can see the newest courses offered and some of the popular courses. The navigation on the left is straight forward and simple.

Looking at the courses is just as easy, it is easy to filter through the offerings based on vendor. It even saves the search from your last filter.

TrainSignal Course Offerings


It shows your progress on the course you are currently going through

TrainSignal Training Course Progress


The course offerings are diverse and covers many areas, this is valuable to anyone studying for certifications and just wanting better understanding on certain technologies you maybe going to work with.

Having the training available 24/7 is great, Did I also mention that you can download courses for offline viewing? This way you can be able to access your training anytime.

TrainSignal Training Offline Player



I am going to make it really simple enter to win,Follow @TrainSignal and @NerdBlurt on Twitter then  Simply Tweet the following – I love how @TrainSignal supports the Community #NerdBlurtMojo #Training or Click Here (This opens Twitter and has text pre filled but you must add the hashtags.) Please note that you must use both hashtags and be following both accounts in order to be entered to win.

We are giving away 1 1year subscription to TrainSignal online training. courtesy of TrainSignal.

Winner will be selected at random from all qualified entries.

Important Dates – Give-Away starts accepting entries on Jul 9th 2013 and goes until Midnight August 31st 2013. The winner will be selected on September 1st 2013, Winner will be announced here on NerdBlurt.com and Tweeted from @NerdBlurt Twitter account.

Nerd’s Blurt

I love TrainSignal, I wear their vNerd Tshirts everywhere. Why? Because they have a product I use and believe in, their company dynamic is outstanding, but the best thing is their love for the community! They jumped at the chance to give something away with no hesitation, another reason I support and promote their offerings.

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May 29th, 2013 by JFrappier

We recently came across an error that I could not find in Veeam’s support site (though it did return several hundred, seemingly unrelated entries), the error was

Error code: 0x80040154 Failed to create instance of DOMDocument

This caused our backups to fail.  I sent a tweet to @Veeam to see if they had anymore and in typical awesome fashion they responded within minutes.  Right now there is a private hotfix so you will need to contact support, once I get to review the cause I will let you know.  As a band-aid, restarting the Veeam Backup Proxy Service seems to clear this.

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October 30th, 2012 by NerdBlurt

So you like to win free stuff right? Many people know I enjoy winning a thing or two. Well check out Veeam’s latest contest. The best part is enter once and you are entered in for the entire time! That’s right no need to keep registering and signing up.

Simply follow these simple steps and you are entered to win.

Go to http://go.veeam.com/cool

Veeam Virtualization Lover Giveaway


Click on Register To Win

Register To Win  Veeam


Then fill in this short form.


Then you can follow the contest on Twitter by following @Veeam & watching the Hashtag #VirtLover 

Nerd’s Blurt

This is a great opportunity from a good company. I’m proud to share this with my readers and hopefully one of you wins!

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August 23rd, 2010 by NerdBlurt

On Tuesday Aug 17th Veeam released Reporter v4 (this link is my link for the Veeam Blogger contest). To help promote this new feature Veeam is sponsoring a contest for Bloggers. I have had the chance to play around with the product and then promote it. The person with the most downloads from their link wins. But the best part is we are not winning anything for us! The winner gets a donation towards a charity! Talk about the gift of giving. Not only a descent product backed by a great company you get to help out a charity. Details can be found here.

Video Veeam made

Who,what, where, when and how (this is qouted from Veeam’s website)

Reporter captures the “who, what, where, when and how” of every change. With this audit data, you can improve change workflows and investigate problematic changes.

You can also speed problem resolution. When performance declines or a VM is no longer working, the first thing you need to know is “what changed?” Reporter provides instant visibility of changes that have occurred in your environment. So you can easily isolate the root cause of performance slowdowns and availability issues.

Besides the nice grphics and all the information I really liked the What changed part. You can spend hours trying to track down a problem and by that small feature can possibly save time, resulting in saving money.

Free limited version or Paid full version

I would recommend the Paid full version after trying the Free version as it gives you the ability for full audit reporting while Free version is limited to the last 24 hours. Also the Paid version has ability for PowerShell access.

View the comparsion chart here

 Give it a try!! Download Veeam Reporter Free edition here

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