May 7th, 2015 by JFrappier

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

**Disclaimer: I am an EMC employee, this post was not sponsored or in any way required by my employer, it is my experience getting to know this particular product.**

There were two software related announcements at EMC World this week which I found very exciting. Building on the free for no production use of RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines from VMworld 2014, EMC announced the same for ScaleIO. ScaleIO allows you build your own Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution (HCI). This is the same software used in the new VxRack from VCE which was also announced at EMC World.

CoprHDIn addition to ScaleIO, EMC also announced CoprHD which is an open source version of EMC ViPR (@coprhd). ViPR (which is also free for non production use) is a solution that allows you to manage multiple arrays and present those as virtual volumes to hosts. In addition to managing the arrays, it also provides a self-service and automation at the storage layer. EMC ViPR also supports ScaleIO, assuming this carries over to CoprHD you could deploy a fully managed, and automated storage solution on commodity hardware for test/dev or QA (I hope they publish more specific guidelines on just what they mean by “non-production”).

Last, but not least, the community version of the VNXe which you can use to provide full block and file servers on commodity hardware. The vVNX will later come in a supported ROBO and cloud edition.

My hope is that CoprHD, ScaleIO, and the community edition of the vVNX will lead to more solutions being open sourced and offered in a free to use model. CoprHD should be available on GitHub by June, ScaleIO by the end of May, whereas the vVNX is available now for download.


New free software from EMC to build your own SDS solution

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December 4th, 2013 by JFrappier


There is a nifty bug in the VNXe code where after you upgrade a VMware host you are unable to make changes such as editing host access to a datastore or possibly other NFS shares (I’m not messing with my guest NFS shares right now).  If you attempt to make a change you are given the following:  error code: 0x6401f54


This bug is caused by how the VNXe stores the host information.  The work around it so remove the upgraded host or hosts and try adding them back in.  If that works – good for you, if not you will have to remove ALL hosts from the VNXe and add them back in.  This means migrating all necessary VMs off the VNXe to another storage appliance or local storage, or shutting down all the VMs.  This has been around for a while but as the dust has been settled on the ESXi 5.5 release and more people start upgrade projects this may become a bit more of a problem.  You can find an article in the ECN here:


Cannot add ESXi hosts to VNXe – Error Code: 0x6401f54

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May 9th, 2011 by NerdBlurt

Attending EMC World? What’s that the session you wanted to attend is full and you can’t get in? Don’t fret that as there is an alternative. The EMC vSpecialists have set up a massive onsite hands on lab.  I found myself in this very instance happen to me. I also remember a friend of mine telling me not to worry about the sessions as they are all offered online after EMC World is over.

You could ask why come to a conference and do labs?

Good question, this is easily answered by saying it’s not just the ability to test drive some products. The vSpecialist staff manning it are some of the brightest in the Industry and the are right there to help and answer questions as you take your lab. Now this to me is excellent!  Have you ever downloaded and tried a demo software and have a question and find yourself searching for hours online how to do something or need a question answered? I know I have and that frustrates me. The vSpecialists are right there to assist, not to mention the instructions are well documented.  

Now some of the labs they offered

Documentum -CP
Symmetrix Tier Advisor

Nerd’s Blurt

This is great for EMC World attendees, we have great sessions and an alternative to those sessions with some great labs to ether substitute a session or just get better aquainted with some of the products. The vLabs rock, you can see the dedication that the vspecialist put into it and I know I enjoyed doing a few how about you?

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