May 21st, 2014 by NerdBlurt

firehose        My first couple of months at HP have been exciting, fueled with more knowledge then one can ever consume. It is like drinking water from a Battalion of NYPD  Fire Stations hoses. I am very excited to be learning about the full capabilities of HP Data Protector offerings and where it is visioned to go. More importanly, my coworkers are just awesome. Stephen Spellicy is in the top spots of bosses for me. We all have had a bad boss, Stephen is one who would kick that boss around. He believes in each of his team members and let’s them be who they are. Not asking them to conform to a set way, especially today is huge. He genuinely cares for not only the company but your own personal goals. This is huge for me seeing how I do things differently then most, knowing my boss believes in letting me be me and loves me wanting to learn more is AWESOME!


What Have I been up to

I can write a lot about how awesome my boss is, but that is only a subset of what I have bee doing.  When I talk with my friends I can’t help but show the joy and passion I have for my job. Where else can you get to play with a lot of technology and get to share that information with others? I love, love, love it! passport

Over the last couple of months I have help build out a few labs in which we will run various configurations and test numerous scenarios with-in our HP Data Protection portfolio. I get to play with VMware, Microsoft whenever I want. I am also networking with many other organizations. Many of you know I love meeting people and making great contacts both personally and professionally. I also have some insight into getting us more involved with the community. That alone is something I love, but having a team understand you are a social person and not getting limited is a win for me. I have traveled to Europe finally!! Getting my first stamp in my passport was exciting.

I am also starting a regular blogger call/ briefing, I don’t forget my roots and establishing a great relationship with Bloggers is key for me.  Along with being active on Twitter and in the community attending events.

Tweet Chat

I am participating in my 1st Tweet Chat from a vendor side.  HP holds a #BackupChat so get involved and ask some questions, answer questions. (May 22nd at 2pm EST)


I attended TechEd 2014 and performed my 1st ever vendor booth duty. This was a huge change for me as I normally don’t set a schedule at conferences, but I enjoyed getting to know the other members from various HP teams.

Philly VMUG – Speaking is something I love to do, I jumped at the chance to do this at the Philly VMUG. I realize some, ok a lot of areas I need to work on but hey if we aren’t trying to improve what are we doing? It was a great experience and a wonderful event.

SAP Sapphire – I am going to be attending SAP Sapphire in Orlando

HP Discover – This will be my 1st HP Discover and I will be manning a demo station in the software booth. My goal will be to become presenter at future events.

Boston VMUG – Schedule permitting I will be attending this.

PVD VMUG – Schedule permitting I will be attending this.

VTUG Summer Slam – I will be attending this

Nerd’s Blurt

If you can’t tell I am really excited for my new adventure. The amount of technical information I have exposure to is AWESOME! I will be writing more blogs in the coming weeks.

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October 14th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

This Friday October 18th 2013, I will be attending the VTUG Fall forward at Gillette Stadium. This is the first time other then the normal Winter Warmer that the event is being held at this location. Every January they hold the event there, I am excited as not only a technology fan but to be in the home of my beloved and reason I have no finger nails in the Fall or Winter seasons, New England Patriots.

The thing I love most about the event is interacting with the people. I will be there tweeting and talking to attendees. If you didn’t know that Twitter NE_VTUG is run by myself and a couple others.

Virtualization Technology User GroupAre you in the New England Area? Come check out a great event and say hello to me!! Nothing beats looking at Gillette Stadiums field all day long.

Register for the event here 


Nerd’s Blurt

I had to do a post today so you all get this quick blurt on the VTUG meeting that is coming up. I really enjoy these events and have spoken about and at these events in the past. Look for some more great stuff from a social/community perspective in the coming year as the VTUG grows.

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September 16th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

As most of you know I am very active with the VTUG (yes I chuckle too every time I read or hear it too), not sure if you are aware but the VTUG has expanded and is contuning to expand in other areas. They had their first expansion outside of New England way on the West Coast out in Silicon Valley opening up the Silicon Valley VTUG chapter. Well it hasn’t stopped there. The next chapter is do to have it’s first meeting this coming October 3rd 2013. Join your peers and get involved in this virtualization group.

Just hop on over to the VTUG page

Virtualization Technology User Group

Nerd’s Blurt

I love the virtualization community, it is one of the best communities out there. You have a mix of great companies along with way to smarter then they need to be people that are hands down the best people in the world to talk with. I have made so many great friends attending these events. So be sure to check out this new chapter in your area.

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August 13th, 2013 by NerdBlurt

I am going to focus primarily  on only one user group in the technology industry as their are numerous groups out there. The Virtualization Technology User Group (VTUG) is a hyper visor agnostic user group. However it wasn’t always this way, a couple years ago it was primarily focused on VMware technology and called the New England VMware User Group (NEVMUG).

Like the industry the VTUG has evolved over the years. Users are no longer just using one type of virtualization technology. There are multiple options for users so why not have a user group reflecting the industry. This is the premise behind the VTUG. Where else can you talk with peers about Microsoft, OpenStack, KVM, Citrix, and VMware?

I’m going to tell you all about a journey, this is my own journey and experiences over the last 3 years with the User Group VTUG.


It’s a brisk fall day in 2009 where the leaves were turning brown and the air was crisp. I’m sitting at home contemplating my next steps as I just finished a contract with EMC.  I was fresh to learning more about Enterprise IT and Data Storage, prior to working at EMC, I was only exposed to desktop support and knew of servers but never touched a server before. Being very savvy around technology is easy, trouble I ran into was having enough systems to work on and research how things worked or how certain changes affected them. Someone suggested I use virtualization. I was dumb founded as to what virtualization was, having never heard of it before. I quickly found Virtual Box and installed it. I had a couple systems up and running soon after install. I loved it, I could have multiple systems running and not affect my own system.

I forget who it was exactly that suggested to me to  try VMware Workstation, toting the benefits over Virtual Box to me. So I did what any newbie would do, I went to the Googles and found myself a cracked version of VMware Workstation 6 (Please note that I do not condone piracy and do not recommend anyone use those means to obtain software)

So with my new virtualization software installed I was off to the races, I started playing around with it more and more. Thriving to learn more everyday about Virtualization. Then came the email that probably has single handedly changed my life.

It Read something like this “Want to learn more about VMware? Join your peers at the New England User Group January 20th at Gillette Stadium” I wasn’t working and wanted to improve my skills to make myself more marketable and figured what do I have to lose.

As I pulled up to Gillette that day I never realized until sitting here writing this how much my life changed that day. I was in awe of the total experience, I recall Chris Harney running around and even saying hello and giving me a smile that day. Mind you I had no idea who he was at the time or how he would inspire my business today. It wasn’t just Chris that had made me feel welcome it was everyone I talked to, I didn’t know anyone there and at the time not to many of them were on Twitter. I found out about the Summer Slam up in Maine which was held every year and was told it is a must attend event. I learned so much that day it made me want to learn even more bout VMware. More importantly I was accepted into a very special community that day, one in which I still think  is tops in all industries.

Year Later

Fast forward to January 2011, by now I have been a member for exactly one year. I was fortunate to attend VMworld 2010 (better known in the community as the conference Blurt Struck Gold by winning two iPads.) I upgraded from Workstation to experimenting with vSphere (legally). I was sitting at a table with some other Social Media junkies chatting and Chris walked by and I stopped him and said ” We noticed that there isn’t much chatter on Twitter about the NEVMUG, you need to focus on that some more.” He looked at us and said “so which one of you is going to do that?” Everyone at the table pointed right to me, and thus the NEVMUG (now NE_VTUG) twitter handle was born and how I came to run the Social Media efforts for the VTUG.

It was around this very time where the group was changing from just  VMware focused to multi hypervisor focused. The users were asking if they could talk about Citrix or Hyper-V.


It has been three years since I joined the user group and I am very active with the leadership, they provide me guidance outside the group and actually gave me encouragement to start Blurt Media Group. I have met so many great people during the events over the last 3 years. What I like the most is the willingness to expand and evolve with the industry and it’s members are facing on a day to day front.

VTUG is expanding to other regions to, this solidifies that users want more. I am excited to be able to be apart of something that is shaping up to be an epic user group globally. (please note currently there are only Stateside chapters, but who doesn’t want world domination)

VTUG leadership took a chance and so far it looks like they got luck on their side but I say it was more a vision of them knowing that the technology landscape was evolving and their group needed to as well.

Nerd’s Blurt

I think you will see more good things to come from the VTUG, and as the industry changes so will the group. What I like is that the user is number one to the VTUG. Not only am I a member but I am utilized for my specialties to promote a community in which I believe in. Now I am going to disclose that this post is my own, I started out going to do a generalization piece on how user groups have evolved but felt telling my own story was much better.

Check out I look forward to seeing you at a meeting one day.

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July 18th, 2013 by JFrappier

Thanks Infinio for showing off my article!  Thanks to Luigi Danakos (@nerdblurt) for snapping the picture for me!


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