Why Am I A Braves Fan?

Let’s kick off my first sports post with a bit of history.  Why am I a Braves fan?  Some would say it is because I live in Atlanta.  Fair point. The real reason I am a Braves fan is because I grew up watching them or listening to them with my Paw Paw, Charles Dunn. Back when I was a kid, the station WTBS was local channel 17 here in Atlanta.  They showed the Braves games on there.  WTBS eventually went nationwide as TBS and the Braves were shown across the country. I remember watching games, which honestly were mostly bad games, at his house when we would go visit my grandparents.  I remember players like Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Chris Chambliss, Phil Neikro in the 80s.  Most of those years were losing years.  Then came the 90’s and Bobby Cox became the manager.  In 1991, when I was a young 19 years old, the Braves finally won the National League in my lifetime.  The 90’s had some great players come through the organization: Ron Gant, Terry Pendleton, David Justice, Brian Hunter, Sid Bream, Chipper Jones, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz and so many more!  Late nights watching these games at home, especially in 1992 and the Sid Bream slide to win the game and send the Braves to the World Series (see the slide and radio call here, not best video quality, it was 1992: https://youtu.be/kYIPtLDWx-s).  I remember running around the house (it was pretty late) screaming and running into my Mom’s room waking her up.  Man those were good times.

There is a lot of good memories watching these Braves teams, even through the bad times. I may not get to watch every game today but I keep tabs on the scores.  I get mad at pitchers, scream at the TV and cheer loudly when a big hit scores a run. I go to games when I can (usually when my company offers seats in the suite, yeah that is the way to watch a game) at SunTrust Park (only in its 2nd year of existence).  If my Paw Paw was still alive I know how much fun he would have going with me to a game at SunTrust since it would have only been 15 min from his house.

So there you have it, the Braves have been a huge part of my life and always will be no matter where life may take me. I have attached some pictures below showing some of my Braves memories.  I plan on posting my All Star break summary of the 2018 Braves sometime next week so I hope you enjoy that.  Thanks for reading!

July 12th, 2018 by