Workstation Home Lab Wrap-Up – On to vRealize Automation

Jonathan Frappier Virtxpert

That is a wrap on getting the basics of a home lab up and running in VMware Workstation.  Within Workstation we have a working Windows 2012 Domain Controller, two virtual ESXi hosts both capable of running nested 64-bit virtual machines thanks to the RVI support in the processor of the 8-core home lab system build and vCenter running.  In vCenter we have our datacenter and cluster created with both virtual ESXi hosts added.  The cluster has DRS enabled, a virtual distributed switch setup with both hosts attached and port group and VMkernel interface setup and running and demoed using vMotion to move a virtual machine from one host to another.  Not bad for 4 virtual machines barely consuming any memory on the host computer!

All that though, was leading up to this; setting up vRealize Automation and Application Services.  In my next series I will go over some of the basics of getting vRealize Automation setup in your home lab so you can start to get a feel for the various roles, requirements and setup.  Here is some handy reading in the interim (ignore anything that says vSphere SSO can’t be used)

Thank you for following along with the home lab series setup, I know there may be a few holes but again the goal was to get this setup to have an environment as the foundation to test other tools.

Workstation Home Lab Wrap-Up – On to vRealize Automation

November 13th, 2014 by